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A Tax Professional for Taxes – Does It Make a Difference?

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Welcome to the Topic A Tax Professional- Does it Make A Difference?

If you’re not sure whether you have a simple tax return you can do yourself or you wonder about missing significant tax advantages or are concerned that you might be making mistakes, use the checklist below from the American Institute of Tax Professionals to help you decide whether you should hire a certified Tax Professional to help you prepare your tax return.

You may want to consult with a Tax Pro if you:


Knowing your Tax Preparer

Like your doctor, your tax preparer knows a lot about your personal situation, so continuity of service is also an important factor. That’s why, for many individuals, choosing a certified Tax Professional is the right choice.

Most Tax Professionals are college-educated, licensed professionals certified by the states in which they practice. They have passed a rigorous licensing exam and are required to adhere to strict ethics standards, as well as to stay current with evolving tax laws and regulations.

They are not part-timers who took a crash course in a few basic tax rules, operating out of a storefront. Finally, if a dispute arises about your tax return, only CPAs, attorneys or enrolled agents are authorized to represent you before the IRS.


Including all of the above. Hiring a Tax Professional at National Insurance & Tax Service will provide you stress free tax solutions and assure you will receive the most accurate tax deductions and credits available, allotting you the largest tax refund possible.

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