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How to Find the Best Tax Professional??


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According to the IRS, 53.5 percent of taxpayers hire paid preparers. If you use a tax professional to prepare your return regularly, or even if you’ve just chosen to deal with one – here are some pointers for choosing the desired professional for your needs.

Types Of Tax Professionals

You can technically get anyone to prepare your taxes, including your uncle, neighbor, or closest friend.

However, if you’re going to be paying for a service such as this, the individual should be a professional and must be registered with the IRS and have a current preparer tax identification number (PTIN). A PTIN is an IRS number given to approved preparers once a year.

According to their schooling, certification by professional organizations, and ongoing academic requirements, qualified paid preparers consist of the following:

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How To Find the Best Tax Professional?

The IRS maintains an online directory of PTIN-holding preparers. Attorneys, CPAs, enrolled agents, and annual filing season program participants are all included, but preparers with only a PTIN and no other qualifications are not.

You can look for a tax preparer by credentials, ZIP code, and proximity near you, or you can inspect a tax preparer’s credentials.

There are also PTIN preparers who are enrolled retirement plan agents and enrolled actuaries. Even though they are listed in the IRS directory, these professionals rarely handle consumer tax returns.

Many tax experts, mainly enrolled agents, CPAs, and attorneys are frequently employed by storefront preparers. If you go to one, you’ll very certainly be paired with someone whose talents match the difficulty of your return.

Who Fits Where?

When it comes to selecting a preparation, price is simply one consideration. Other factors may be necessary based on your circumstances. This includes deciding whether or not you want the preparer to represent you if the IRS questions your taxes.

Identifying what services, you require is the first stage in locating the best tax professional. Some individuals only need basic tax returns, while others need a tax preparer who can deal with complex tax circumstances and is available for assistance all year.

For each sort of preparer, below are some general principles.

For federal taxes, moreover, there is minimal privilege between a CPA and a client, and it does not encompass things divulged for tax return preparation. If a CPA feels there may be criminal difficulties, they may consult with an attorney for more information.

Warning Signs

When you’ve settled on a type of preparer to employ, make sure you avoid anyone who could be dishonest or cause you trouble.

If the IRS accuses a preparer of being dishonest, their clients’ returns may be subjected to more scrutiny.

Suspicious activity can be detected in the following ways:

Charging you based on the size of your tax refund is against the code of ethics that tax preparers must follow.

Offering to cash your refund checks can result in penalties for preparers, and even offering to handle refund checks is a red flag.

Preparing returns without requesting documentation from you – It is evident that signing off on a return without seeing documents is prohibited.

Guaranteeing reimbursements or, at the very least, no tax liabilities without regard to your specific circumstances.


More than just filling out forms is what the finest tax preparers do. They may find cost-cutting opportunities, aid with audits, and provide year-round direction and support.

Compile all of the material you’ll need and compile a list of your queries before your meeting to make the most of your preparer’s time and limit your charge to a minimum.

If you have worked with a preparer and your return is ready to file, double-check that the preparer’s PTIN and other details are on it and that you get a copy for your records.

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